develops natural solutions for 
breast reconstruction for every woman

our company

Healshape is a regenerative medicine biotech startup created in January 2020 in Lyon, France, by 6 associates.

We develop products for breast reconstruction and augmentation.

We rely on a patents’ portfolio and have strong expertise in bioprinting and tissue engineering.

our ambition

Allow each woman to (re)gain her self confidence through natural products.

our goal

Answer to each woman’s needs as regards breast reconstruction or augmentation, whatever her story and the purpose through a simple surgery for a long lasting and aesthetic result.

a few figures

2,2 M

women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020

0 %
0 %
survival rate


0 %
in the world
0 %
in france

Breast augmentation :


procedures worldwide (*)

top 1

surgical procedure

+27,6 %

in 2018 versus 2014

(*) According to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Global Survey 2018