We own patents and know-how enabling us to provide solutions
for regenerative medicine. 

Unique and implantable biological ink

Patented hydrogel, made from natural,
bio-compatible and absorbable components. 

Composition suitable to cell adhesion and regeneration.

Ability to recreate 3D printable volume.

3D bioprinting

Expertise in modeling different architectures to favor tissue regeneration. 

Know-how for 3D printing complex shapes adapted to the human body. 

Ability to custom print according to patient needs

Human tissue

Expertise in primary human skin and adipose tissue cell culture

Tissue engineering  know-how to incorporate primary cells into 3D scaffolds or hydrogels for tissue regeneration. 

Our technological platform allows us to:

  • print hydrogel implants which can be cellularized after implantation in human;
  • or bioprint the hydrogel containing human cells to develop human tissues for future implantation.